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May 13 and 14 , 2023

Opening Date: April 11  

Closing Date: May 6

TWO separate horse shows in ONE weekend! 

Choose to compete on Saturday, Sunday, or BOTH days!


Mini Trials- Leadline, Baby Starter, Starter, and BN

Dressage TOC- any USDF/USEF test

Dressage Tests:

All Baby Starter Divisions: 2023 Intro Test B

All Starter Divisions: 2022 USEA Starter Test

All BN Divisions: 2022 USEF BN Test A

Leadline Test: FCF Leadline Test B


$10 42 Fleur De Lis member discount per Mini Trial entry! Become a member TODAY for year end points and discounts! 
Due to new blue horse entries layout, discounts will have to be given via check or venmo after entry completed.

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