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Piper's " Mini Mini "
april 21


Now accepting applications to the Piper's Kids Scholarship!

WHAT This Means: 10 winners will recieve a $100 credit towards their entry!

WHO: Any junior rider, 18 years and younger, who loves horses and Flying Cross Farm!


Riders 7 and under: draw a photo of what you love most about Flying Cross Farm

Riders Age 7-10: Write a 100 word essay

Riders Age 11-18: Write a 200 word essay

Essay Topic: What volunteering and/or giving back to the equine community means to you!

Submit applications below. Photos of any drawings may be emailed to .

Due Date: APRIL 10

If already entered in Mini by the time of scholarship announcement your entry will be refunded up to $100. 

By applying to scholarship you agree we may share segments of the winning submissions to website and social media. 

Navy Blue Scholarship Instagram Post (1).png
Piper's Kids Scholarship Application
Applications Due by April 10th
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