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Piper's " Mini Mini "
april 23

Opening Date- March 20          -         Closing Date- April 14

Our "Mini Mini" is BACK to start off the season at Flying Cross Farm!


About: Our good friend Piper told us riders in the area needed a smaller show environment to practice at. She said, "why don't you bring back the mini trial format from 'long ago', where we used to have XC in the smaller, completely fenced in parking field. We could call it a 'mini mini' !" So here we are! The Piper Mini Mini is a relaxed and introductory mini trial specifically geared for the first timer or green horse and/or rider!

Show Jumping - held in sand arena by dressage offering more enclosed feel, introductory courses, and good footing regardless of what April in KY has in store for us!

Cross Country -  course held in smaller, completely enclosed field featuring an inviting. more simple course with minimal terrain variances. No water. No ditches. No banks. Coaching allowed. 


Relaxed environment! Braiding and formal show attire optional! This is supposed to be fun, right!? 


Online Entry ! Click Icon Above!

Levels Offered:

Leadline Mini Trial 

  • Dressage Test: FCF Leadline Test (all trotting optional!

  • SJ/XC- Poles on Ground

Baby Starter Mini Trial​

  • Dressage Test: Intro Test B

  • SJ- 18", cross rails

  • XC- 18", small logs

Starter Mini Trial​

  • Dressage Test: USEA Starter Test

  • SJ- 2'3", verticals/oxers

  • XC- 2'3", logs, coops, bench, tables etc.

$10 42 Fleur De Lis member discount per Mini Trial entry! Become a member TODAY for year end points and discounts! 
Due to new blue horse entries layout, discounts will have to be given via check or venmo after entry completed.

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