Show Jumping Round

Show Jumping Round


How it Works: SHOW JUMPING
*Enter ONLINE via our website, - note which level you will be jumping
*Course Map to be posted on FCF website and FB page
*Set up your course at YOUR barn using the above course and tips!
*Bribe a friend with chips and guac and have them video your round!
*SJ round will be judged on clear round AND style points for each jumping effort (scored 1-5) and collective marks providing feedback from judge (scored 1-10) 


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*Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES
*Videos must be of one seamless ride - no crazy editing so you get that perfect distance or transition!
*Jumping video must be of your first attempt of the course - honor system here!!
*All USEF tack rules apply - ie no martingale or boots in dressage, illegal bits or bridles etc ; jump saddles are a-ok for dressage :)


    Dressage Ride A Test Rules: 


    • Videography: Video must be taken at the perspective of the judge at "C" and be of one seamless ride. No editing of video, no music over video to hide coaching

    • Reading of test aloud is permitted - no coaching

    • All USEF tack rules apply. I.e. no boots, bell boots, illegal bits and bridles etc may be used 

    • Scoring: USDF tests will be calculated as percentage score, USEF eventing tests will be calculated as penalty points

    • Divisions will be added and divided at organizier's discretion based on entry size. However a minimum of two divisions will be used : USDF Test of Choice and USEF Eventing Tests of Choice

    • Arena: Standard or small areas may be used. Arena should be set to closest measurements possible of a 20X60 or 20X40 arena. Arena boarders may be marked by place setters such as poles in replacement of "official" dressage ring borders. Letters may be replaced by placeholders such as cones, standards, flowers in lieu of official dressage letters 



    • Show jumping course to be posted on Flying Cross Farm Facebook page and website. 

    • Videography: video must be of one seamless ride, no editing of any kind, and must be of horse and rider's first attempt of the course. NO coaching

    • Courses must be set according to height for specific division and measured appropriately : i.e Novice course must be set primarily at 2"11 in height 

    • For novice and up a combination may be used as part of the course, however this B element will remain optional. The jumping effort will receive a score but not be included in the final score calculation. For example, fence 7 may have an optional two stride line marked 7a and 7b. Those not having equipment to build a fence 7b may skip that fence. 

    • Course will be judged using modified scoring system from the Young Event Horse USEA series shows. Each numbered fence will receive a score of 1-5 , in addition to collective marks of overall impression of round with comments from the judge. Highest scoring round wins. Scoring criteria listed below: 


    Individual Jumping Efforts: 

    Performance will be evaluated out of a maximum of 5.0 points per effort as follows: (0.5 may be used)

    0 - refusal 1 - very bad 2 - Bad        3 - Satisfactory        4 - Good        5 - Excellent 

    Rail Down - no higher score than 2

    Overall Impression: 

    Scored 1-10 , with coefficient of 0.5 in the following categories:


    Confidence, response to the aids, attitude and ability

    Between Fences: 

    Maintaining rhythm, appropriate pace, desire to go forward, ability adjust balance before fence, jumping out of stride

    Rider Correct Use of Aids:

    Clairy, subtlety; independence, accuracy of test

    General Impression 



    Casual attire - no braining or show attire needed! Jumping saddles may be used in dressage. All USEF tack rules apply. Helmets must be worn at ALL times. Proper footwear must be worn at all times. 


    Overall Rules: 

    • Videos must be submitted to by Saturday, May 9th at 8PM sharp! Please verify that your video was received as is able to be opened. Make sure to have YouTube videos set to public or link view. Private view is unable to be viewed by judges. YouTube is prefered video method. 

    • Please comply to all social distancing recommendations set forth by your barn manager and state Governor

    • HAVE FUN!!!!! 

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