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Shorty's Virtual Horse Show

Be a good steward of social distancing all while getting valuable feedback from judges and a fun chance to stay connected with the rest of the equestrian community! Beat the #flattenthecurve blues and join us for a virtual horse show! Send videos of rides BEFORE April 18th at 12 noon to be judged.

Dressage Test of Choice - ride ANY USEA/USDF test

Show Jumping Round - Baby Starter through Advanced
A la cart Combined Test- 1 Dressage and SJ Round for $30

use coupon code  VirtualCombinedTest for CT discount
-divisions will be combined or divided as entries warrant

Each division placed 1-6th - local ribbon pick up OR pay postage for ribbon to be mailed
If division has over 20 entries, winner receives CASH prize!!!


* Enter ONLINE via our website, flyingcrossfarm.org -note which test you are riding
*Set up a dressage arena at YOUR barn! This can be a makeshift arena using jump rails or a real dressage arena - use what you have! No need to have actual letters - use cones, flowers, a well behaved dog, etc as place holders on the sides of the arena if needed!
*Bribe a friend with tacos to video your ride! TIPS: make sure video is taken in LANDSCAPE mode; have video person stand at "C", zoom when possible while keeping entire horse and rider in the frame
*Send us your ride before April 18th via email or as a YouTube link to be judged!

How it Works: SHOW JUMPING
*Enter ONLINE via our website, flyingcrossfarm.org - note which level you will be jumping
*STAY TUNED for posting of SJ course WITH video tutorial on setting your course, proper striding, and a virtual course walk with the judge!
*Set up your course at YOUR barn using the above course and tips!
*Bribe a friend with chips and guac and have them video your round!
*SJ round will be judged on clear round AND style points 1-10 of overall impression of horse and rider during the course

*Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES
*Videos must be of one seamless ride - no crazy editing so you get that perfect distance or transition!
*Jumping video must be of your first attempt of the course - honor system here!!
*All USEF tack rules apply - ie no martingale or boots in dressage, illegal bits or bridles etc ; jump saddles are a-ok for dressage :)